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PaperMate PSA: Everyone Needs A Mate

A little kindness goes a long way, and it should begin at home and be encouraged in schools. So let's look out for each other, and remember that everyone needs a mate.

Written and Directed by Alexa Spiroff

Producers: Amanda Rasmussen & Amy Huack

Director of Photography: Steven Smith

Assistant Camera: Daniel Foltz

Production Designer: Alexa Spiroff

Editor: Steven Smith

Assistant Editor: Olivia Aldous

Color: Olivia Aldous

Motion Artist: Chaz Gonzales

Art Director: Mikey Bready

Casting Director: Chaz Gonzales

Script Supervisor: Julian Lopez

Location Manager: Chaz Gonzales

Gaffer: Caleb Blackhurst

Grip: Asher Huskinson

PAs: Marinda Cummings, Megan Stonely, Whitney Merrill

BTS Photographer: Camryn Rupa

Special thanks to Lincoln High Elementary