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Strava - No Other Way

This isn't for the casual joggers, or beach-side cyclists. Strava is for those born with the "super power" of resilience. This is for a rare type of breed, whose biggest competition is not others - but themselves.

"If your soul doesn't ache to move the way your body can... don't do it."

Directed by Alexa Spiroff & Steven Smith

Producer: Whitney Merrill

Director of Photography: Steven Smith

Assistant Camera: Julian Lopez

Editor: Steven Smith

Color: Hannah Ruf

Digital Retouching: Brandon Hemsley

Chase Car Drivers: Marcus Price & Michael Palazzo

Steadicam Op: Julian Lopez

Production Designer: Alexa Spiroff

Copywriter: Charles Bukowski adapted by Hannah Norton

Voice Recording: Craig Pickup

Special thanks to Marcus Price and Nathan Tsoi